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Trees From Above


Making the invisible visible by fusing volumetric data

Surveying & Mapping

Kraken software combines high-accuracy mapping data from drones with other data inputs such as terrestrial LIDAR scans, photographs, videos, documents or even a live stream of weather data. Below ground Kraken is used to survey tunnels over time to see structural shift, early signs of collapse and monitor the effects of corrosion.


The visualization of this data fusion allows for decisions to be made quickly that have an impact on public safety.



Using Kraken’s data-fusion capabilities, a variety of sensors allow for the creation and visualization of 2D sitemaps and 3D models. Easy-to-use features inside of Kraken, such as distance and volume calculation tools, allow construction companies to identify where it’s possible to create efficiencies that can save up to tens of thousands of dollars per week.


Agriculture & Forestry

Fusing and visualizing high-volume, multi-sensory data in Kraken makes it possible to find disease on crops, determine the nutritional health of crops, manage livestock, map farms and measure levels of pesticides. This allows farmers to make changes before negative issues arise.

Visualization in Kraken means that farmers don’t have to walk an entire area or incur the costs associated with flying a plane to see what their crops look like or where their livestock is located.

Mining Machine

Mining & Aggregates

By utilizing Kraken, mining and aggregate supplier companies can provide more accurate inventories, complete surveys faster, reduce down-time associated with invoice disputes and make it safer to survey and measure stockpiles.


Public Safety & Emergencies

Multi-sensor data-fusion and visualization through Kraken
provides a comprehensive, highly accurate picture of the
situation to remotely located decision makers. Firefighters, first responders and police officers can all use Kraken to assist them in carrying out their jobs more safely.

Multi Level Bridge

Civil Infrastructure Inspections

Kraken can be utilized for the inspection and upkeep of critical infrastructure. This includes surveying and monitoring roads, rail lines, bridges, airport runways and more. Kraken alleviates the need for in-person on-site inspections. This is advantageous both from a safety and economic perspective.

Crowded Stadium


Data collected by a series of security cameras placed through
a given location, combined with data acquired by aerial
platforms such as drones and helicopters can all be fused in
Kraken to create a highly accurate volumetric database of a
location. Using Kraken for security enables security companies and
other agencies that handle security to process much more
information more quickly.

Climbing on Power Pole

Energy & Utilities

Kraken gives energy companies the ability to complete inspection tasks
remotely in faster and safer ways. By providing a highly accurate volumetric model of the pipelines or power lines, the inspector can view the lines from the comfort of an office at any time. This saves the energy companies a tremendous amount of time by eliminating
the need for in-person in-field inspections.

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