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The Highly Efficient Listening and Intelligence eXchange

Seeing the Invisible

Helix is an innovative, passive defensive RF Imager, operating on an Ultra-Wideband spectrum for intelligence gathering, allowing to identify, view and track sources of electrical activity. Penetrating forests, jungles, and urban environments, Helix visualizes objects where humans cannot see the enemy.


The HELIX Solution

Current electromagnetic (EM) imaging technologies (e.g. radar) only operate on a small portion of the EM spectrum and are limited by terrain and obstacles and are highly centralized in nature, increasing targeting time to days instead of minutes. HELIX is a 360˚ EM imaging system, operating across a very wide EM spectrum. It detects, identifies, and displays EM signals using the following components, all of which were developed in-house and are proprietary to VR Media Tech: an antenna array, an Artificial Intelligence Convolutional Neural Network (AI ConvNet), and visualization software (Kraken).

Military Applications

HELIX can detect, identify, display and assess threats in highly occluded environments.

Scalable and modular capabilities, featuring:

  • a single ground antenna for local protection within a 12 mi range

  • ground arrays for large-scale regional protection

  • vehicle/ tank-mounted antennas for dynamic frontlines

  • a satellite-based setup for national coverage

Operates passively, making it hard to detect due to its non-emitting technology, with low energy consumption, minimal heat signature and an optional "Dark Mode" for NVG cloaking.

Excels at seeing through forested and other highly occluded environments.

Seamlessly integrates into weapons systems, including laser designators and secure communications.

Retains all stages of data processing for after-action reviews, legal documentation, and real-time risk analysis.

Offers multi-channel data fusion for high-confidence verification, covering electromagnetic aspects and more.

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Emergency Response

HELIX can assist firefighters, first responders and police officers carry out their jobs more safely.

Helix’s multi-sensor data-fusion and visualization capabilities allow remotely located decision makers get a comprehensive, highly accurate picture of the situation.

Fire departments are able to make better and more informed decisions about where to send their firefighters during an active fire, how best to contain a fire and develop strategies to prevent a fire.

First responders can advise the public on areas to avoid in emergency situations or assess what the current situation is in a particular region. Simulations can be run on flooded areas to determine dams that could breach and roads to avoid.

Exploring a remote location in volumetric space enables police to make tactical decisions faster.

Visualizing real-time data and then conveying critical information to officers in an active shooter scenario for example greatly increases the safety of the officers.

Infrastructure Inspections

HELIX can be used for the inspection and upkeep of critical infrastructure.

Ability to remotely survey and monitor roads, rail lines, bridges, airport runways and more, alleviating the need for in-person on-site inspections.

Improves worker safety while being economically advantageous.

With multi-sensor data fusion, Helix produces an accurate volumetric model of the location. Interactive, remote viewing of the resulting database eliminates exposing

inspectors to the potential perils one might find at a site. For example, the risk of a fall or exposure to hazardous materials.

Regularly monitoring sites for structural changes over time provides data that can identify risks. Those risks can be addressed via preventative maintenance and thwarted before they become a real problem.

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