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Facial Recognition.jpg

Facial and Hand Recognition

High-resolution imaging of skin chromophores

Invisible Markers

Using a specialized spectrum for high-resolution imaging of skin chromophores, we can capture enhanced feature detail, opening up new possibilities for facial recognition and health analysis.

Dotted Waves

Distinct Chromophores

Chromophores are unique to each individual, and they're much more detailed than skin markers. By harnessing the power of this technology, we can reveal otherwise undetectable skin details.

The system functions effectively under varied lighting and viewing conditions, accurately identifying even partially obscured faces.

Skin cell.jpg

The Data Capture Process

Employing specialized spectrum cameras with exceptionally narrow bandpass filters, we can focus on a band of invisible light for detailed chromophore capture. Advanced algorithms then analyze these hidden features and create unique descriptors for each individual. The features are then compared against a pre-existing database.

Face with markers.jpg

Health Scoring

Hyperspectral facial and hand analysis can be used to measure a variety of health indicators, including pallor, temperature, sweat, and chromophores. Images can then be compared to a reference population, and the metrics can be combined into an overall health score that may be used for screening.

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